Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As the Snow Flies...

We've been shoveling through snow for most of January it seems. And then when it's not snowing it's 0 or 10, BRRRRRRR. I'd rather have it snow. At least then it's "warmer", nearer 32. We have been doing well, Alexis still has a chaotic schedule which is great for her, a little more insane for us.

Some Doctors updates: We saw Alexis' Orthopedic doctor on Jan 13th. At Children's Orthopedic dept, they are notorious for SLOW appointments. We were in and out in record time -- 45 mins. The fastest ever... no X-rays. Nothing really new to report on Alexis, which is great to have doctors with nothing new to report.
We saw Alexis' Eye doctor on Monday. She thinks Alexis is doing awesomely. Her vision is now 20/47 in the left eye (better eye) and 20/63 in the right eye (worse eye). Unfortunately, Alexis 'chooses' to ignore her right eye when the left is open. She is patched 3 hours a day and it is definitely helping strengthen the right eye, but not so great for working on stereo-vision (eyes working together to produce an image in the brain). So we talked over options with Dr Dagi. Dr Dagi would like to "revise" Alexis' eye brow lift. This will mean another surgery for Alexis, but we are confident that it'll give Alexis the best chance for preserving the vision she has in the eye and give her the best opportunity for long term use of her right eye. At the same time, Dr Dagi would like to see if there is any improvements that we can make on Alexis muscle control on her right eye. So... a lot to chew on. It's likely that the surgery would happen April 23rd. So, good news on the vision -- and still a work in progress on the right eye.

Regarding Alexis and 3rd birthday and going to SCHOOL. We went yesterday for Alexis' official "interview" at Perkins. They had about 12 specialists playing with her in the classroom. As expected, Alexis loved the attention and would perform fun tricks for them. We brought Alexis' "kaye walker" and she demonstrated her abilities! They were excited to see her and hopefully it means a "positive" acceptance of Alexis into their program. We will have to wait until next Tuesday for their official meeting to accept her and arrange a time for her to start school. I'm sure when they say we are ready, I will start to panic about sending Alexis so far away. After Perkins play group in the morning and then the interview, she didn't take a nap in the afternoon. So, she fell asleep at 6:45pm and Matt was able to CPAP her at 7pm (which is different from normal days where she plays in bed until ~9pm). So, that is a good indication of maybe her schedule when she's at school full time. Her day will be between 9-3 at school, but she will have to ride the bus 1-1.5 hours to get there and back. Hopefully the bus drivers know short-cuts and ways to avoid Boston traffic.

Otherwise, that's about all of our news today.... still snowing here. :-)

Catherine, Alexis, Jessica & Matt


Eva Nichole said...

Glad everything is going well and she did so well at the interview. Keep up the great work and stay warm!!
Crystal and Eva

Lisa W. said...

I hope everything works out with Perkins. Everytime I'm there for meetings, I never want to leave...