Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alexis awake

Alexis is awake after her surgery. With the versed, she decided that she wanted to chill out sleeping longer than her normal post-ops. She's doing very well. She's watching Discovery Channel (Mom's favorite show - How It's Made). She had a fun day, tightening her eye lid to help her open her right eye, repositioning her right eye horizontal muscle (to help her control her eyeball movement better - for better vision) and ABR/hearing test. The eye lid stuff went well, Dr Dagi is our most-frequent-doctor, she's been in 3 of Alexis' prior surgeries. The eye muscle stuff went well although her eye is very red. And then her hearing test confirmed what we already knew -- she needs her hearing aids. They did notice that today her right ear hears better than her left ear, but it's very variable with Alexis' hearing. But the main message is that Alexis is still in the severe/profound deaf range in both ears, which means she needs sounds to be at "freight-train" level for her to hear them. Otherwise, we're just chilling out at the hospital and hoping we have an uneventful evening of CPAP/breathing so we can get discharged tomorrow morning. We have a follow-up appointment with Dr Dagi and hope to go home right after that.
Matt has gone home to hang-out with little lady Jessica. Will write more later.
Catherine & Alexis (at our home away from home, Childrens' ICU)

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