Monday, April 6, 2009

April Showers??

We're getting the monsoons here in Massachusetts.
Grandma and Grandpa Rose are visiting from NC. Alexis enjoyed spending a sunny Sunday with them. However, she had 6:50am bus departure from our house, so she didn't see the grandparents until 4:05pm when she returned from school.
Jessica loves having Grandma and Grandpa here, she runs around the house and they chase her around. She loves playing in the backyard and finding plastic Easter eggs. She's a good EGG.
Alexis still loves school. She has gotten accustomed to the schedule and seems that most days she doesn't take a nap on the bus anymore. She does take her weekend nap though. She is enjoying all of the kids at school and sometimes she tells us secrets about the teachers.
Otherwise, it's a very busy schedule. Alexis is in school full time. Jessica is in Early Intervention, she gets a visit once a week from Sandy (one of our favorite EI teachers). Matt is fine at work, very busy. Catherine is busy learning her new job, figuring out how to get to the cafeteria and how to limit drinking hot chocolate all day long.
Alexis will have surgery in April, if all goes as planned. She will have hearing tests done and her eye surgery. She'll definitely be in the hospital overnight, because of her breathing issues and general anesthesia effects. We don't know what time her surgery will start, but in the past they start with the youngest babies earliest in the day. Naturally, Alexis is now considered "old" (3 yrs!) and so we'll have to make way for the little babies. But, we're patient and we'll be entertaining Alexis with her water syringes until surgery starts! Hopefully she won't complain too much (that's what happened last time when surgery schedule got delayed so much).

That's about it! We'll be getting out the canoes and kayaks soon for all of this rain! But it makes the really sunny days even more fun.

Jessica, Alexis, Catherine & Matt

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