Friday, April 24, 2009

Alexis overnight

Alexis played with her toys until about 12midnight then she finally said, "Mom, I'm really tired, can I go to sleep?" And about 30mins later, she was sound asleep. We put on the CPAP and she slept pretty well. Thankfully she has major hearing impairments because we were in the "corner" suite (with three kids in close proximity). One kid was awake every 2 hours screaming, evidently he is a typical kid... very sad. So, I didn't sleep all that well. And then at 6am, Alexis woke up!!! So, evidently after sleeping most of the day yesterday and then a 6hr nap, it was enough for the beauty rest.
Otherwise, the floor doctors just "rounded" on Alexis and are hoping to send us home soon soon -- which in hospital time means before 12noon, hopefully we're faster than that.
Will write more later. Alexis is looking really good, taking her food and normal medications without any issue.

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Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Hope you are all home soon. Glad Alexis's surgery went well.