Friday, November 20, 2009

Turkey Dinner at Perkins

So Wednesday Nov 18th was Turkey Dinner at Alexis' School. See below, Alexis did very well eating Turkey! It is a very very cute Turkey. Too bad his tail feathers had to suffer so much.

And here is Alexis AFTER her turkey dinner. Most folks can relate to sliding down in their chairs, being thankful for the elastic pants and the full belly.

I think most of the readers of the blog are parents of kids with g-tubes, but if you're in the small minority and don't know what that thing is on her belly... that's her g-tube. It's what has gotten Alexis to the point she's at, a direct port into her stomach for her liquid food. We hope eventually she gets the muscle coordination in her mouth to be able to eat and drink, but until then - her g-tube does just fine!
Otherwise, Alexis has been fighting a cold or sinus or something for the past couple of weeks. We went to the doctor tonight (6:30 am departure for school, 8:30-3pm school, 4:20pm return to home, 4:45 arrival at doctors office, 5:45 drop off prescription at pharmacy).
She's asleep now and we hope the medicine will help her fight whatever she has been fighting. At some point when she is fighting an infection she becomes lactose intolerant and that happened yesterday -- so we had to get some resolution.
Hopefully we'll remember to post more as she gets better,


Crystal M. said...

adorable!! Looks like she really enjoyed that turkey. Thats what Eva would be doing to hers as well.

Crystal and Eva

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Yum, that looks like a good turkey dinner you had, Alexis! ;-)

Hope you are feeling better now!