Sunday, November 1, 2009

Other Random Photos

So EVERYONE knows that Alexis wears adorable Pink glasses.
They are her trademark. The brand of glasses is Miraflex and we bought them when she was 1 yr old because:
a) the fit her little face (and lack of real nose bridge)
b) they didn't have screws, they didn't have breakable pieces
c) they were indestructible.

We have loved her glasses but about 1.5 years ago, she had to get new lenses in her glasses and they had to keep her glasses for 2 days. The horrors! Anyway, at that time, the eye clinic recommended that we get a back-up pair (the ones that insurance pays for).

So, the other day for humor, I put on her glasses and took some pictures.

She looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO different. I would say in some ways she looks very serious. She looks like she is a librarian or something. Anyway, it's very funny to compare "normal" Alexis to "normal-glasses" Alexis.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, ps. Some people will notice that she is sitting on the countertop. A note to other parents, do not try this at home. Alexis is very well behaved and has never fallen off the counter!


Kurby Family said...

Yes, Alexis looks a lot more serious with those glasses. I like the pink ones! Good for a change I guess, but she looks older and much more serious with the back up pair.

Crystal M. said...

She does look so cute, the boys call Eva an librarian when she 1st got her glasses as well.
I think they are just so cute when they wear them.
Crystal and Eva