Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Traveling the Schnaderbeck Style

So, many people we encountered wondered how we travel with 2 kids. Very smartly.
Some preparations required. Get stuff packed into Matt's Durango in advance. Get all of the "Catherine-decides-at-the-last-minute-can't-live-without-stuff" already packed into Durango. Get kids a warm bath and get daddy some super-caffeinated energy drinks.
7pm Pile into car. Dad drives first. Go through MA, CT, NY, PA.
7:30pm Alexis falls asleep (had swimming at school and no lunch-time nap)
8pm Jessica falls asleep.
10:30pm Jessica going crazy in car seat, has milk snack. She thinks about going back to sleep.
12midnight. First stop at Wilkes Barre, PA. Durango gets gas. Mom runs to restroom. Dad goes to restroom. Both kids awake, so a round of diapers for the wee-pee ones!
2am. Second stop at Newville, PA reststop. Dad runs to restroom (literally, it was raining!). Mom waits until Dad gets back to Durango and then starts driving. Dad SLEEPS. Wee-ones still sleeping.
5am. Third stop in Harrisonburg, VA. Durango needs gas. No restrooms open. Boo hoo for Mom who has been sipping on her caffeine!
6:30am. Dad wakes up, wonders how we're almost at the end of the trip and how we could have made so much time. Realizes how when he looks at the speedometer. Reminds Mom about speed limits and breaking laws. Mom tries to explain her perspective that they are guidelines for minimum speeds. Dad doesn't buy it.
6:45am. Chatter awakens sleepy kids. Start doing raspberries in the back of the car.
7am. Arrive at GRANDMA and GRANDPA's house.
** 12hours door to door. **
8am. Mom exhausted, claims to go to bed for 1hr, sleeps for 2. Needed more.
10:30am. Dad exhausted, almost asleep in living room floor. Goes to bed. Jessica WILD because she is so tired. Fights nap time, finally coaxed with cheetos and extra milk for early lunch.
11:30am. Jessica asleep. Alexis eats lunch.
12:30pm. Dad wakes up.

And thus we returned to our normal schedules..... thankfully it isn't horribly painful.
We'll see how the return 12hour-door-to-door trip goes on Saturday night.



Andrea Campetella said...

Hi Catherine and Matthew,
I saw Catherine at one of the Perkins webcasts, on how to use a communication portfolio. I'm trying to create one for my nephew, who is deafblind. I was wondering what were/are the main sections of Alexis' portfolio, and if you had any advice or practical recommendations for someone who is trying to do this for the first time. Many many thanks for any input!

Crystal M. said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, I am glad you all had a safe trip and hope you have a safe trip home.
Crystal and Eva

Kurby Family said...

You guys are so brave...we still haven't crossed state lines with Joey! Hopefully this summer. Happy belated Thanksgiving, hope the trip home goes well.