Friday, February 26, 2010

Electricity at House (an option??)

Hi all,
Like December 12, 2008, our house has decided that electricity is optional.  Evidently it has affected our neighbors as well.
Thankfully, unlike December 12, 2008 - the electrical line is STILL attached to the house, the basement did not have a fire, the house is still liveable.

But we don't have electricity which means that Alexis can't use her CPAP.  It means that we'll probably be staying in a hotel tonight, which is very disruptive since Matt's parents are arriving and Matt is leaving to go to Japan in the morning.

Ah.... how crazy and insane our lives are at the moment.

Matt wrote this to me when he arrived at work:
"I was driving to work - going around the rotary when I heard a funny noise in the car, a soft 'pa pa, pa pa'.
Luckily I did not yet get onto the highway and continued around the rotary to drop Jessica off at the YMCA." 

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Crystal M. said...

Oh man!! I hope you are all back in the house soon, if you are not already.
Crystal and Eva
PS We got Eva new glasses today and we saw Alexis' glasses there as well. As soon as I saw them I thought of Alexis.