Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alexis' Birthday Pictures

Alexis on her 4th Birthday!
What Alexis looks like after 6:15am wake up, 2 hour commute to school, 6 hours of school, 1 hour commute home, play time at home and then family birthday time at home.....  The outfit came from her birthday party, the ribbons came from her teachers, and the SMILE comes from God.
She was grabbing her stomach because she was laughing so hard, from being silly with Daddy during the photo shoot.
And then she gave this GLAMOUR smile.  Absolutely PRICELESS!!!


Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

What a beautiful smile! That last picture is definitely one to be framed!

amy and mighty max said...

absolutely adorable!!!

how long has she been going to perkins? and do you drive her...two hours both ways!?!? what do you during that time...or does she take a bus? i'm asking b/c the closest school for the deaf here is a 90 minute bus ride.

love all your latest posts...very cute!

Crystal M. said...

Happy Belated Birthday Alexis!!! Looks like you had a GREAT day!!!
Crystal and Eva

Lisa W. said...

Happy belated birthday Alexis!! Love Kennedy & Lisa xoxox
PS - we love your ribbons & dress..
purple is your colour!