Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jessica - Ski Bunny

On Monday, we were at the condo and we took Jessica skiing for the first time. Ok, technically Matt took her skiing because people who know how I ski would understand that I'm not trusted to care for a 2 yr old while skiing. (I ski like a mad woman, it's very true).

This is a picture of Jessica on her first "run". She's very concerned.
This is Jessica being a cool dudette skier on her 2nd run. Matt and Jessica did 6 bunny hill runs, she did very well. Thankfully Matt is twice her height and managed to manuever in a way that he was still able to use his back the next day. Could you imagine skiing with your hands on the ground? That's basically how Matt was skiing. Anyway, we hope that Jessica will practice in our back yard more and be ready for full-on skiing next year. We'll probably take her back out for some bunny-work as the ski season progresses.
Hope you enjoy! We're all back home in Methuen. Jessica went to daycare today so that Matt, Catherine and Alexis can get some projects done. We'll see, so far it's very quiet.

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Crystal M. said...

I have never skied a day in my life, looks like you all had a great time.
Crystal and Eva