Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Fun Side of Thursday's Cardiology Visit

On Thursday, we were accompanied to Alexis' appointment by Steve Cahill from Philips.  He produced this video:
We are starting to work on the content for a follow-up video, not quite sure what the message will be, but it'll be related Alexis' continuing surgeries and our experiences within the medical / hospital activities.

Alexis and her STROLLER-cam!
 I mean, how cool is that?  The videos with it were really cool.  Steve is amazing.  Alexis loved looking around and being the movie star. 

Here is Alexis "waiting".  Steve was able to film a lot of that. 
We waited and then waited, then waited.  Other Moms who frequent Children's (or other hospitals) know that nothing tries your patience like "Hospital Time".  Alexis is a great sport about waiting, but I was really getting bored. 

  • It was weigh-in/height, then change to gown.

  • Then wait.

  • EKG done.

  • Then wait.

  • ECHO done.

  • Then wait, wait some more, wait some more.

  • DOCTOR visit, originally scheduled for 10, we were seen at 11:15am.

  • 11:45 done with appointment. 

This is Alexis getting her ECHO done.
One of the things that humors me is that they ask Alexis what video she wants to watch -- she got to choose from a choice of 3.  Dora, Sesame Street or Baby Einstein.  Well, Alexis doesn't watch the TV during the ECHO, she just chills out.  She just doesn't want it to be so dark.  So, I pick something that won't annoy me the whole time and something that is bright enough so Alexis won't be scared in the dark. 

So hope you have enjoyed the next installment of "As the World Turns" for Alexis.  :-)


Crystal M. said...

I can not wait to see her new video. I also hate the waiting game at the doctors offices. Good luck with everything.
Crystal and Eva

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Alexis, you are a star! I hope your surgery later this well goes well. Katie has had 9 surgeries to date, and she'll be 8 years old this coming weekend, so I guess we are starting to fall behind on the surgery count--thankfully! :-)