Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Interesting Story / Example

People have asked me why Alexis doesn't crawl, what she does hear, what she doesn't see and why she is so delayed. 

Another CHARGE parent posted this.... and I thought I would share it because it does a GREAT job explaining the complexities of Alexis and her body. 
We think of all the sensory systems in the body as being interconnected, they each must do their individual job, but they also must work together.  Think of these sensory systems as a Chinese Acrobat troop. One person holding up a lot of other people.  In this analogy the foundation for the troop to stand on is made up of information from smell, taste, and touch. The strong man is the vestibular system - this system needs to provide the support for each system up above to do their own job as well as work together. If there is weakness in one system, another system may compensate. If one person (system) in the acrobat troop sneezes, all the other systems must respond, much like movement to one piece of a mobile creates movement in other parts.
If the vestibular system is weak a system up above might compensate - vision is often the compensatory system, even in those who have vision impairment. Or there might be compensation from below - vision, taste, or touch - like shoring up the foundation of a sandcastle. This can be seen in behaviors such as chewing on shirts, biting..... And finally as the demands on each of these systems increase - greater demands at school for example - the ability to compensate might be exceeded and you begin to see "symptoms".

This was very interesting to me.  I hope you all enjoyed it.

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