Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alexis - Hospital Update - Sleep Study

On Friday, Alexis had a repeat sleep study to see how well she is managing with her CPAP at night.
Alexis HATES sleep studies because they have to put EEG leads on her head and it smells bad, takes time away from sleeping and makes her very grumpy.  And for people that know Alexis, the worst thing you can do is to disrupt her sleep.  So, this video is made by a mean mommy who had to help her endure the process.  At about 50 seconds, she stops her crying and gives me the STARE DOWN to inform me that she did not appreciate this process one bit.  I hope when she's a lot older she'll forgive us for all that we've done to her to help her stay alive.

Please don't be angry at me for posting Alexis so sad, but I wanted folks to see an example of what she endures....

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Crystal M. said...

AAWWW Poor baby, but I know what you mean sometimes getting things like this on video pulls at the heartstrings more. People hate that I got pics of Eva after her open heart surgery but that was a major part of her life.