Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Summer Trip to Lake Placid (Aug 2010)

Jessica, Matt and Alexis at Fort Ticonderoga, NY
Jessica and Catherine dressing up in clothes at Fort Ticonderoga. 
Alexis, Matthew and Jessica dressing up quickly (attention spans had waned) at Fort Ticonderoga.
Jessica, Matt and Alexis in an Olympic Bobsled at Lake Placid.  Matt and Catherine actually went down the track in a bobsled -- an awesome fun time!
Matt and Jessica in the Olympic Bobsled Combined Track in Lake Placid.  We got to walk down from the top!  A fun walk, and we didn't let Alexis stroller go :) 
Jessica, Alexis and Matthew waiting patiently for Boat Ride on Lake Placid.  Please OBSERVE how grown up Alexis is sitting and how attentive she is to the camera!!!  Very Awesome!!!
A very windy Boat Ride......
After boats, then PLANES.  A little plane, for a scenic ride above Lake Placid.  For me, a lot better than hiking.  And we were able to see a lot of mountain tops (and hikers).
Alexis had AN AWESOME TIME.  Next post will be the video from the ride!
Then a smaller boat, kind of cold day, and Alexis was SLEEPING on this boat ride.  She was very calm and Dad paddled very well, even though Alexis wasn't a good counterweight to Dad.  I guess Dad will lose a few pounds or Alexis will gain a few pounds.
Some sort of Falls in NY that I forget the name.  Catherine and Jessica being cute at the beginning of the hike.
Matt and Alexis.  Alexis is thinking, "Dad why are we stopped, you know I like for you to walk."
Alexis, Dad and Jessica - trying to prevent Jessica from falling in the river.  A very fun walk!
Jessica was doodling herself to sleep.  She slept the whole ride home from Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT to Methuen, MA.

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