Friday, March 11, 2011

2x6 Steps Along the Journey

Today Alexis had "after-school PT" at Northeast Rehab in Salem NH.
We've been going there since Alexis was about 8months old.  Originally we started there in aquatic PT in the heated swimming pool. We all loved it.
When Alexis turned 3 and went to Perkins full time, we couldn't accomodate aquatic PT in her hectic schedule.
So we switched to Land PT.  (PT on the land, obviously).

So we've been spending our Friday afternoons doing PT for 2 years, 1 month and 3 days.  Basically 80+ appointments (in addition to her PT/OT/Speech etc at School). 

TODAY, Alexis showed some remarkable fantastic and wonderful skills!
She walked without any assistance twice - about 6 steps each time.  You can not even imagine the GIDDINESS that we (her PT and I) had on her huge milestone.  Alexis was rewarded and congratulated.  She was the super star, I think most of the in-patients heard us cheer for Alexis. 
After demo'ing these talents and then getting rewarded - she refused to put her feet down anymore.   STUBBORN! (but we know where she gets that from)

This is fantastic as we know, first steps are small steps, then they get bigger, and bigger and bigger and then we will have to baby-proof our house !!! 

So if you see Alexis running around the hosptial, her school or in the neighborhood - you'll know THIS WAS THE DAY!!!  Absolutely fantastic way to end a very hectic week for the family.



Bridget said...

That just made me so HAPPY! Go Alexis! I can picture her now refusing to put her feet down after it! So awesome…yay!!!

Cynthia said...

Alexis is a major superstar! Congrats! We can't wait to see all of you again so Alexis can show off!

Kurby Family said...

FANTASTIC!!! What a huge accomplishment! I expect to see her all over the place in July...I hope I can catch her to steal a hug!

Tanya said...

Congratulations!! What a fabulous PT session! Aren't those the kind that we Moms dream of?!
I'm so proud of you Alexis, keep it up! So, so happy :)