Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recipe for Success


1. Install Fantastic New Philips Fluoroscopy at Children’s Hospital in Boston. 
2. Have Alexis inspect the assembly of product in advance of the study.
3. Include dash of Happy Mom.
4. Take study and identify that Alexis is CLEAR FOR “Honey-Thick” Liquids.

What does this recipe make?
It makes it so that we can work on liquids by mouth for Alexis. It means we are able to start a journey that we thought we would be on 4 years ago when Alexis had her g-tube installed and we were discharged from the NICU. We’re incredibly happy with this result and look forward to teaching Alexis that she can drink liquids again.


Cynthia said...

Perhaps Alexis can accompany Brady to his swallow study in April so he doesn't freak out like he did the last time? :) She seems like a pro now!

ellen charge said...

woot woot yay for phillips