Monday, September 9, 2013

LightAide - Backpacking Event Launched on WonderBaby!!

For friends and family, you know I work for Philips.  I went to work for Philips because of Alexis' medical experiences.  I wanted to help more kids like Alexis, I talk about that here: Alexis Video

A brief trip down memory lane:
In September 2009, I participated in a Training Seminar in Philips Color Kinetics Showroom.  
In August 2010, Alexis and I had a meeting with the General Manager of Philips CK and toured the Showroom.  We launched an unofficial project - to build prototypes and see if kids could learn from light.
In April 2011, Philips CK and I went to Perkins to capture the kids' expressions first hand: Perkins Video
In September 2011, I asked the Philips Healthcare CEO to help make the project an official project - he did!  
In November 2012, I started working on it full time and we are excited to be starting to spread the word about LightAide.
In April 2013, we started final testing with the Beta Prototypes and got a lot of great feedback.  We've been working all summer to get the best product we can release to the market -- available to kids like Alexis.  

I'm so very proud that Philips sponsored this project and I hope we can show that helping 'niche' needs like kids with visual impairments can help motivate kids to have more independence (crawling, walking, seeing, being!!)  Wouldn't that be so awesome!

First the first order of business officially is to help get families who want to use LightAide to participate in a contest to win a device!

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