Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 week count-down

Tomorrow will mark the 2 week count-down to Jessica's Open Heart Surgery.  It is scheduled for April 18 at Children's Hospital Boston.  We know it will go smoothly, but that hasn't stopped us from being concerned about Jessica's well-being and quick healing.  
We are ready, at least we think we are.  We haven't seen Jessica like this ever - her heart cath was an out-patient day procedure.  We haven't seen Alexis with intubated in the ICU since April 10, 2006 - 6 years ago when she nearly died with her g-tube and fundoplication surgery.  She had many tubes hanging off of her in the ICU. At no point did the doctors have to intentionally stop and then restart her heart.  
Thankfully we are happy to see these statistics on ASD repair

If you celebrate Easter, please put in an extra prayer for us.  We'll appreciate it on Wednesday April 18.  Thank you, Catherine, Matt, Alexis & Jessica

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