Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 2 Post-Op

We are at home. 

I won't write much more, than she was a picture perfect case.  She was walking 6 hours after her surgery.  Made 2 laps around the CICU before being sent to the Cardiac ward, then a nap, then lots of laps of the whole hospital.  

This morning, we started with blood draw, then EKG, then field trip to XRay, then echo in our room.  Jessica was a super-star.  The only small problem that she was disagreeable for was tape removal around her neck IV.  She didn't like that, but I think she was actually hungry and tired.  

We ate lunch, decorated some of the Fenway Park model in the play room and then napped on the way home (Daddy was driving).  We are already at home taking interest in all of our things around the house.  In traditional Jessica fashion.  

So happy for us, thrilled with her progress and relieved.  Hopefully it'll continue to be quiet from her on.

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Catherine said...

wonderful! welcome home x