Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 Days Until Jessica's surgery

Jessica is having her open heart surgery on Wednesday.
She has an ASD.  You can see pictures here of what it looks like

Here's a website describing what we can expect in the hospital.

Obviously we are professionals about Hospital life and are happy that we'll be in the good hands of Children's Hospital Boston.  We have lots of experience with them with Alexis.  Last time we were in the hospital for the catheterization for Jessica, they were so happy for her to leave after the day (she was very curious about the other patients - she probably broke all of the HIPAA regulations).

I am more concerned that restraining or calming Jessica will be very different from our experience with Alexis.  The last super-serious surgery like this for Alexis was when she was 9 months old.  So, we are curious and anxious about how we'll be reacting with Jessica experiencing pain and how we'll be able to help her recover the easiest.  

We know she is in good hands, but that isn't going to make giving her away to the surgical staff much easier.

We'll try to keep everyone posted on her progress on Facebook and our Blog.


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