Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So sometimes people wonder how I manage to be sane.  After you read this post, you might see into the inter-workings of my mind.

So, 10 years ago.  I was planning my wedding and there was 4/21 available or 4/28 available.  But since we were getting married in 2002, it made more "sense" to my mind that 4/28/02 was a better date.

Then fast forward to 2006 when we were getting scheduled for a c-section for Alexis.  They asked when we'd like to schedule it during week 37 of my pregnancy.  2/10/06 wasn't available because it was Matt's birthday.  But, 2/8/06 was available!  Yippee!!

Then as luck(?) would have it, a year and half later we were in the same situation with Jessica.  I was being scheduled for a c-section and the doctor didn't want to drive in over July 4th holiday for an emergency c-section so he said, pick a date before 7/4/07.  (Matt would have preferred 7/7/07 for the obvious reasons).  So, I picked 7/2/07 because it looked like 7/2/2007.   Take out of all of the 0s and it looks pretty.

Then, when they started talking about Jessica's discharge on Friday from the hospital after her heart surgery.  Well, Friday was 4/20/12.  A nice even number.  Seems like nothing significant.  But you'd have to know this small detail.  
Alexis was discharged from the NICU on 4/20/06.  6 years to the date that Alexis started her new life with us! And that Jessica has her heart repair and new heart exactly 6 years later.  

It makes this mommy heart happy.  Which may or may not show some of my sanity or otherwise.

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