Monday, June 24, 2013

New Interest for Alexis

On Saturday, we got to celebrate Brady's 6th birthday.  Although I must say Jessica will be turning 6 before Brady. . . . but our dear friend Brady is having surgery on Friday so his family had his birthday party early.

We went Bowling.  In New England, that means Candlepin bowling.  This is somewhat odd to both Matt and me, but Matt had been to a birthday party with Jessica in May - so he got to experience it then.  

Alexis and Jessica are both friends with Brady so we all went.  We knew Jessica would like it, so that was a no brainer.  We weren't sure that Alexis would like it.  We were wrong.  

Here is the video of some of it.  

She actually watched the ball go all the way down the lane and crash into the pins at the end of the lane.  The end of the lane is 60'.  We've always known that Alexis' vision was diagnosed as 20/40 with her glasses, but we had never seen her use her long range vision to clearly watch a moving object so far away from her.  I'm sure she was benefiting from the auditory and tactile input (there were vibrations in the floor when the pins would fall down).  She really enjoyed the whole process!  

Thanks to Brady for having a great Birthday party so that we could find this new 'interest' for Alexis.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

History In Methuen Today

Today in Methuen, they had a Civil War Reenactment.  Here's me and Alexis hanging out with President Lincoln.
Then me, Alexis, President Lincoln and Jessica. 
Jessica is staring at Ulysses S. Grant discussing the types of horses used in the War.

Here's Ulysses S. Grant giving his speech.  
I won't say much to comment but for some of you who read this blog - you're aware that I'm from a different side of the Civil War.  So it's definitely interesting to hear about people who traveled away from their homes to defend the United States vs those you actually stayed home to defend their states. 
It was a great historical day - this was set up to recognize the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Post-Graduation Nostalgia

Yes, I realize that Alexis *only* graduated from Preschool.  But *only* to a kid that spent 100 days in the hospital for her first year.... well, we are extremely proud.
I found some photos to do a small compare / contrast:
 First day of life - 4lbs. Tiny (piece of paper for reference & my hand)
 Alexis and Family ~5months old. Wearing 3month old baby clothes.
Alexis super-happy at  Graduation! 

The spotlight on her (a photo when she's not pulling up her dress or taking off her shoes).
Also for those who don't remember, here's an article I wrote for Boston Children's Hospital -- Alexis carries a long list of diagnosis, but thankfully her smile and love of life makes that list disappear when you are with her!  A is for Alexis

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alexis Graduating from Preschool

Alexis attends Perkins Deafblind Program.
She has attended Perkins since she was 3.
Today she graduated from their Preschool program into a First Grade classroom.
It's absolutely fabulous to experience this "moving on" / graduating ceremony with the school.

Here are some photos.  Alexis loved looking at pictures during the slide show and even clapped a couple of times with the audience.

Alexis graduated with three other beautiful little girls - so proud of each one.  Each is a beautiful miracle, just like Alexis. 

P.S. For those fashion conscious in the blog readership, we buy Alexis and Jessica's pretty dresses at:  Gently Loved Baby

Monday, June 10, 2013

Alexis Playing the Piano via Lights

Trying to see if this Facebook Video will play from Blogspot.

It looks like it will, hope you all enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A little crazy: Is this a recipe for disaster or fun??

I have to admit, I'm not a typical parent.  Many of you have already realized this.
I'm not sure what PT / OT / Therapists learn in school, but I'm not thinking this is included.

One strong ceiling hook at Pediatric Therapy center
One unstable swing 
One deep pressure seeking 5 year old
One lighter weight and smaller (but OLDER) 7 year old
One very wisely placed safety mat
One very open and receptive therapist
One crazy, "let's see what my two kids can do with this challenge" Mom
STIR for 5 mins!!!!  
RESULT:  No children were injured!!! Yippee for Mom (would have been difficult to explain to Father, "Yes, sorry but I had Jessica swinging with Alexis on her lap on an unbalanced swing")  

and BEST RESULT:  Alexis and Jessica loved it! Best thing ever!!!

Warning:  Not for the weak stomached or and antsy-pants'ed.  Could induce heart attacks or gasps for air.