Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Post-Graduation Nostalgia

Yes, I realize that Alexis *only* graduated from Preschool.  But *only* to a kid that spent 100 days in the hospital for her first year.... well, we are extremely proud.
I found some photos to do a small compare / contrast:
 First day of life - 4lbs. Tiny (piece of paper for reference & my hand)
 Alexis and Family ~5months old. Wearing 3month old baby clothes.
Alexis super-happy at  Graduation! 

The spotlight on her (a photo when she's not pulling up her dress or taking off her shoes).
Also for those who don't remember, here's an article I wrote for Boston Children's Hospital -- Alexis carries a long list of diagnosis, but thankfully her smile and love of life makes that list disappear when you are with her!  A is for Alexis

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