Monday, June 24, 2013

New Interest for Alexis

On Saturday, we got to celebrate Brady's 6th birthday.  Although I must say Jessica will be turning 6 before Brady. . . . but our dear friend Brady is having surgery on Friday so his family had his birthday party early.

We went Bowling.  In New England, that means Candlepin bowling.  This is somewhat odd to both Matt and me, but Matt had been to a birthday party with Jessica in May - so he got to experience it then.  

Alexis and Jessica are both friends with Brady so we all went.  We knew Jessica would like it, so that was a no brainer.  We weren't sure that Alexis would like it.  We were wrong.  

Here is the video of some of it.  

She actually watched the ball go all the way down the lane and crash into the pins at the end of the lane.  The end of the lane is 60'.  We've always known that Alexis' vision was diagnosed as 20/40 with her glasses, but we had never seen her use her long range vision to clearly watch a moving object so far away from her.  I'm sure she was benefiting from the auditory and tactile input (there were vibrations in the floor when the pins would fall down).  She really enjoyed the whole process!  

Thanks to Brady for having a great Birthday party so that we could find this new 'interest' for Alexis.

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