Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A little crazy: Is this a recipe for disaster or fun??

I have to admit, I'm not a typical parent.  Many of you have already realized this.
I'm not sure what PT / OT / Therapists learn in school, but I'm not thinking this is included.

One strong ceiling hook at Pediatric Therapy center
One unstable swing 
One deep pressure seeking 5 year old
One lighter weight and smaller (but OLDER) 7 year old
One very wisely placed safety mat
One very open and receptive therapist
One crazy, "let's see what my two kids can do with this challenge" Mom
STIR for 5 mins!!!!  
RESULT:  No children were injured!!! Yippee for Mom (would have been difficult to explain to Father, "Yes, sorry but I had Jessica swinging with Alexis on her lap on an unbalanced swing")  

and BEST RESULT:  Alexis and Jessica loved it! Best thing ever!!!

Warning:  Not for the weak stomached or and antsy-pants'ed.  Could induce heart attacks or gasps for air.


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