Sunday, September 27, 2009

CORN-ucopia of Corn Fun

Last weekend, we visited a farm with a corn-maize. They had a lot of activities for the kids.
here Jessica pretends to ride a little tractor. They also had a big pit of corn kernels for the kids to play in. Jessica liked being buried in the corn.

Of course, the big feature was the corn mazes. They had 3 different mazes (kiddie, easy, and hard). Here is Catherine in the easy maze with Alexis. There were not to many wrong passages and the wrong turns always looped back to the turn point.

Here is Matt and Alexis in the play area. They made animals out of hay bales. In the mazes they had fun games and quizzes to both help you get through the maze and to win prizes. They had alot of CORNY games - where you need to decipher the picture quiz.

After lunch, we ventured into the hard maze - they said the average time to complete was 40 minutes. There were alot of turns and direction choices. Often, Catherine and I would split up to find the CORNundrum games. Below is a part of the maze where Catherine and my paths crossed over/under each other.

After, Catherine took the photo of me and Alexis - you can see the expanse of the maze - the barns in the background is the entrance location. The maze encompassed 12 acres of cornfield.

After finding our way out of the "maize," we took a hayride on a trailer pulled by the farm tractor. We went around the maze, and out to the pumpkin patch. There were alot of 'Great Pumpkins' and a bunch of little ones too.

Here Alexis and Jessica stand by the biggest. They were 30-40 lbs each. There were also alot of small pumpkins that Jessica loved.

It was a very fun time, and we look forward to going back next yearwith friends (and/or family).

Matt, Catherine, Alexis and Jessica


Kurby Family said...

Looks like a really cool place, and a fun time! I love those pictures...the ones by the big pumpkins are awesome! I can't believe fall is already here!

Kristi said...

Oh my goodness!
I haven't been on your blog in a bit... and the girls are sooooo cute!

Alexis is walking!!!! WOW!
Love (and laughed at) the captions on the sideways pictures... too funny! :-)

Looks like you had a great time at the pumpkin patch! Can't wait to see what kinds of carvings are done in the Schnaderbeck household!

Crystal M. said...

I LOVE cornmazes, we have not done one in a long time. I hope the weather gets nicer here so maybe I can take to the kids to one.
glad you all had a nice day.
Crystal and Eva