Monday, September 7, 2009

The day before School

Alexis goes back to School tomorrow. Technically this is her first full year of school. She loves school. I'm not sure she's going to love the 6:30am bus (but neither are her parents). I'm sure this week will be a struggle rejoining the normal school week routine, learning her new schedule and readjusting to her hectic schedule.

Jessica also starts "School" tomorrow, full time daycare at our local YMCA. It'll be good for her to see and be around other little kids.

We wanted to post something quick and short because the VIDEO describes it all (I think).
Alexis has made a lot of progress since school ended in July -- WALKING. Yes, I have to hold her hands and navigate her to some extent, but she's doing the rest of the work.

I hope you all will enjoy it.


Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Hope your first day of school went well, Alexis! I am so proud of your walking--super job!!

Crystal M. said...

I hope the 1st day of school went well and GREAT job on the walking Alexis!! I cannot wait til Eva gets her casts off and we can see how the surgery may have made a difference for her.
Keep it up!!

Kurby Family said...

Wow, that is quite the progress! She is doing AWESOME! Very exciting. Sorry I hadn't checked in sooner, but it seems like Alexis is enjoying school too. Great to see all the updates!

Kristin said...

Alexis, you look great!! Fast too...your parents best watch out!