Sunday, September 27, 2009

School Beginnings

Jessica started full time at a new daycare center. She was very excited on her first "day of school." She has a new purple backpack to help her carry her things.

Of couse, Daddy still carried most of the stuff. Here is Jessica waving bye-bye to Mom (Mom was coming along - she wouldn't miss the first day!).

And above is Jessica walking in to the daycare center. She has turned into such a big girl. She want to do everyting herself, whether that is walking someplace, eating, etc.

And everyone at the daycare loves her. She is very polite, helps all the other kids, and even gives them all a big hug when it is time to leave for the day. Being with the other kids is helping her to vocalize more. You can hear her trying to repeat what you say.

Matt, Catherine, Alexis and Jessica.

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Kurby Family said...

Aw, how cute! Looks like Jessica really enjoys going to "school" which is great! Love the purple backpack!