Sunday, December 12, 2010

Alexis Update

Alexis is doing much better.
Here's what we did.
We spent 1/2 day in ER to get antibiotics.  She still didn't feel well after 2 doses of antibiotics.  Her GI ordered some Zofran (anti nausea medicine).  Within 30mins she turned back into laughing giggling Alexis.
She stayed on the antibiotics a couple of more days.  And as expected, now poor Alexis has a HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD diaper rash.  Like the diaper rash that looks painful just to think about how much it hurts her.  A diaper rash that looks like she went sledding down the driveway without anything on.  So painful!
We are remediating that side effect with warm baths, butt paste and air-time.  Poor little girl.  All of this upseting her.

As for the rest of us, I came down with the gi illness on Friday, Jessica seemed to have some of it as well.  Matt has avoided all of it.  THANKFULLY! 


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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

baby girl! im hurting just reading about this horrible bum rash. will be praying for quick healing and relief.
much love,