Thursday, December 30, 2010

November Photos

Here are some random photos from my parents visit in November.  We usually forget to bring out the camera until the kids are wound up and crazy.  You can see by the photos below.  They were crazy and silly!

Jessica smiling pretty for the camera. She was probably in mid-jump to get to the camera.

Alexis looking at the bright camera lights.  Very curious about what we're doing.  And even more ready to throw the bumble bee at someone.

Trying to get the kids posed for the camera. This is the best one, with the fewest moving kids.  Please observe that yes our cat is really as big as our kids.

And the "horsey" ride.  Good thing they are both under 30lbs!  And yes, Matt is really that tall!

Jessica concentrating on fixing Mommy's hair.  Very cute, but sometimes painful for Mommy. 

Hopefully we'll catch up with some December photos soon. 

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Cynthia said...

Great pictures! Hopefully the Antaya Family can catch up with the Schnaderbeck Family really soon!