Monday, December 6, 2010

Suggestions from the Schnaderbeck Blog Readers?

So, Yesterday was our first trip to the ER in a long time.

Here are Alexis' symptons:
Saturday - FEVER, hot to touch. (we don't have a thermometer that we think is reliable for Alexis temperature). We dosed her with tylenol.
Saturday - Couldn't tolerate her pureed tube foods (g-tube feeds). We switched to pedialyte.
Saturday - SLEPT all day. Not interested in playing or engaging at all.
Sunday - Fever lower. Great!
Sunday - Couldn't tolerate pedialyte without gagging / getting extremely gassy. Even barfed (she has a partial fundo but she only gags / barfs when she's really sick).
Sunday - went to the hospital. Got x-ray, no blockages seen on x-ray.
Got blood work, nothing abnormal. Electrolytes a little off, but nothing huge. WBC was high on Tuesday, but nothing horrible on Sunday. Got prescription for Augmentin (antibiotic, started it last night). 
We were discharged from the hospital.  She's still kind of gassy / gaggy at home today.  Hopefully she'll be ok.
Her pulse ox was 98 and her chest was clear....

i'll try to post some photos later,

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