Sunday, November 20, 2011

4 yrs, 4 months

So, my husband asked if I had abandoned the blog. I haven't tried to, I just forget to post on it. I have been posting lots of pictures on Facebook, which means I forget to post photos and status here.

The title of this post.

Here's where we were when Alexis was 4yrs 4months and 14 days old.
That is a picture taken the day of her heart catheterization. She is focusing not to worry about why she is in the hospital. She's definitely the professional.

On Tuesday, Jessica will be 4years, 4months and 20 days old.

For our family, that means that Jessica will also be in surgery to repair her heart defect - an ASD.  It is a routine procedure that Children's does everyday (literally).  We are assured that Jessica will do fine.  We are using the same surgeon who did Alexis' surgery - Doff McElhinney. 
For Monday (pre-op) and Tuesday (surgery), I'm more concerned about her "willingness" to stay still when we're in the waiting / hospital time delays. She'll be asking tons of questions, but I think she'll be excited that people are asking her all of the questions and interested in her. 

We'll try to post here and facebook to let people know about our progress on Tuesday.


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