Monday, November 21, 2011

Jessica's Day

Today was Pre-Op for Jessica's Cardiac Cath.
We were told to arrive at 7:30, we got there 7:35 (traffic on 93 South).  Then we were expected to be there between 6-8 hours depending on how things were moving along.
We were lucky because 
a) the cardiologist did not want to see us (he had just seen us in June for Alexis' follow-up appt)
b) the cardiologist did not want to do another echo (he had as much information as he could see from her echo in Sept 2010)
c) the people actually moved us along

Thankfully all of the people in the waiting room were entertained by singing, dancing, jumping, and other things - like washing down all of the chairs (she felt the urge to clean).  The cleaning urge does not come from me.  But I imagine the jumping around like a crazy animal might come from me.  Thankfully about the time we gave up and went for lunch, they decided they had "enough" and they called us back to tell us

Arrive 7:15am (that's really early... especially when we are 30miles away - sometimes 30mins or 2 hours)
Don't eat after 11:15pm (I'm not waking her up at 11:16 to see if she's hungry, because if she is, she can't have ANYTHING)
Don't drink after 5:15am (this one concerns me, do I let her drink something at 5:15 or just go to the hospital)

Yep.  That's our program.

Here is a picture of Jessica being a grump in front of the Xray machine.

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